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Cleaning and maintaining your system begin with becoming familiar with the manufacturer's manual that comes with the vacuum. Since not all brands are the same, you should never assume you know how to care for your vacuum by taking friend's advice. If you hire a contractor to install the vacuum, be sure to ask for cleaning tips regarding your specific brand and model.

Taking The Right Steps
To ensure you don’t neglect your vacuum, it is a good idea to create a cleaning and maintenance plan for your vacuum.Here are a few suggestions:

Never abuse your vacuum by trying to pick up large pieces of debris, anything sharp, or liquid spills. You are asking for trouble if you do; instead, use some elbow grease to clean up these messes.
Create a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule and post it in the same space where you store your vacuum.
Empty the dirt when the canister or bag reaches half full.
Replace the bag on schedule, if your unit has one.
Check the hose, wand, and attachments regularly for clogs. Something sticky can cling to the hose walls and collect debris.

The power unit is virtually worry-free and should provide many years of service. However, once a month you should visually inspect it for any superficial damage such as dents. If it ever malfunctions, it’s time to call a repair technician. Additionally, the brushes must be checked each time you clean because items can become stuck in them that reduce operating efficiency. Roller brushes spin very fast and can be damaged when off balance due to clogs. Bearings and bushings can wear prematurely if you neglect their cleaning.  You may need tweezers to get hair, string, or heavy pet dander out.